Avoiding pellet stove problems

Pellet stove cleaning and maintenance

For the best pellet stove experience and to avoid pellet stove problems it is important that you take care of your pellet stove. To keep your wood- or pellet stove burning system operating efficiently and safely, you'll need to maintain it on a regular basis.

The best pellet stove procedure is to every year, preferably before each heating season, have a chimney sweep certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America inspect your wood-burning system.

Chimney sweeps help pellet stove problems

In addition to pellet stove cleaning of the chimney, a certified chimney sweep should have the knowledge to help make sure your appliance, hearth, connecting pipe, air inlets, chimney, and all other components are functioning efficiently and safely.This will get you off to a good start to avoid pellet stove problems.

Catalytic combustors need to be inspected at least three times every heating season and replaced according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Most catalytic stoves or inserts have a view window or thermometer to help you check the combustor. The catalytic cell is removable and replaceable and costs between $75 and $160.

Pellet stove cleaning of the inside

Cleaning out the inside of the appliance with a wire brush periodically will also help your wood-burning appliance heat your home efficiently. This is a great way to hold of any pellet stove problems. Even a one-tenth inch of soot can drop the heat transfer efficiency of the metal by 50%.

For a pellet stove, it is very important to follow the manufacturer's instructions for operation and maintenance. Inspect fans and motors regularly, and maintain them properly.

Manufacturers advise removing unused pellets from the stove hopper and feed system at the end of the heating season. This reduces the chance of rusting, a top listing on the 'not-wanted' pellet stove problems we like to avoid, which can cause expensive damage to the appliance. It also minimizes difficulties in lighting the appliance at the start of the next heating season.

Clean the flue vent on a regular basis to prevent soot building up.

A big thank you to the US Department of Energy for their help with data for this pellet stove information about pellet stove problems.