Breckwell pellet stoves

Are your searching for Breckwell Pellet Stoves?

The company that makes Breckwell pellet stoves was started in the early 1980's. Its business took of when the pellet stove became really popular towards the end of that same decade. Today Breckwell offers a full range of burning appliances for pellet, gas and wood.

The range of Pellet Stoves from Breckwell

There are seven different series of Breckwell pellet stoves including the P2000 series which are top of the line with a big and bright wood flame. The P2700 series boast a large panoramic window while the P24s are ideal for heating a whole home with pellet.

The P23 series offer a small pellet stove with traditional looks and P22 is value priced still with all the features you would normally expect from Breckwell pellet stoves.

Then there is The Classic Cast Stove aiming to combine comfort and charm for example with options for remote control. To wrap up this product line there is the Big E, a home heater and furnace that seeks to combine ease of operation with efficiency and economy.

More about Breckwell Pellet Stoves

All products mentioned above come with a limited lifetime warranty. All of them also include the so called Hot Rod automatic igniter and fire starter for your convinience. Most of them also come with automatic fuel feed.

There are plenty of dealers across the country that supply stoves from the series listed above. You can also find some link on this page. There is also the option of visiting the home page of Breckwell Pellet Stoves to find more information before your purchase or to have your questions answered.