Corn pellet heating stoves

Is it either corn or pellet, or can you find corn pellet heating stoves? Well, there are now multi-fuel units on the market, making these stoves a reality. Earlier on it used be either pellet stoves or corn heating stoves, but now you can find the combined corn pellet heating stoves.

This units burn both pellet and corn. Pellet heating stoves that burn also several different fuels are also common today. See for example What is a pellet stove?

What is the efficiency of these stoves?

Putting corn pellet heating stoves in homes and office, can lower your utility bills overall, plus being convenient to use. Pellet stove burn efficiency is high as pellet is a very good fuel, see also What is pellets?

Corn is even a better fuel than wood pellets when it comes to heating a home. With the high efficiency of corn, up to 82 percent, they are the cheapest source of heat for a home. Using pellets cost more than using corn, but is still much cheaper than using a regular heat pump for example.

The corn used for these stoves is renewable and earth-friendly. It is often grown locally, that also goes for pellet, so the mone stays nearby and creates local jobs. Both corn and pellet are clean fuels causing only a small amount of air pollution.

More about corn as a fuel

The weight of corn is about 60 pounds per bushel. You can usually buy it any feed store or straight from a farmer. The amount you want is weighed and that is what you pay for.

Corn or pellet?

Pellet and corn heaters look quite the same and have nice looks that make them fight nicely into most homes. They are great to look at with large glass doors. You can get them in pretty any look you desire, ornate, antique, hich tech, you name it! You can even get real 24-karat gold and brass trim if you wish.

With the availability of the new combined corn pellet heating stoves, it is a good idea to go multi. A heater/stove that can do both and more. You can also get them as pellet stove inserts that fit into your excisting fireplace.