Lancaster pellet stoves

Many people confuse the Lancaster pellet stoves with the Lancaster corn stoves. The Lancaster corn stoves are of a brand called St Croix that is manufactured by Even Temp.

So these stoves are actually corn stoves. Yet, they are excellent in the same way as pellet stoves, meaning renewable fuel, little polution and burns cheap fuel.

Even Temp was founded in the 1950:s, so they have been around for a while. The have many different models such as Afton Bay, Hastings and the much appreciated Lancaster. Pellet stoves are also part of their product line. In total they have eight different models.

They offer also optional pellet conversion kits so that the Lancasters actually become pellet stoves. Other features are Optional trims (gold or nickel), Built-in tube scraper (helps cleaning), Stainless heat exchanger (for durability), Quiet operating motors (extensively researched), Large and durable ceramic glass (safe and clear views).

You can also get corn hopper extensions, increasing the capacity two-fold to 70 pounds.

So, today you do not have to choose between Lancaste pellet stoves or Lancaster corn stoves. You can have both, in one!