Article on Pellets: Fuel Pellets from Mining and Sawmill Wastes Being Tested in Kentucky

A pellet article on new uses of pellet stove fuel. It comes as project description of a state energy office project dealing with pellet stove burn efficiency, other energy efficiency and renewable energy. The State Energy Program (SEP) originally published it in its bimonthly newsletter Conservation Update.

December 2003

The Kentucky Division of Energy has facilitated a biomass project involving mining and sawmill wastes through the University of Kentucky's Department of Mining Engineering and its Center for Applied Energy Research.

Mining and timber rank near the top in Kentucky's industry production, and both produce considerable amounts of waste products that can be turned to energy.

Nearly 3 million tons of high-quality fine coal particles and more than 15 million cubic feet of sawdust are lost annually.

Researchers are testing a wide variety of possible binders, including asphalt, tall-oil pitch, paper sludge, and coal tar, to keep the coal fines and sawdust glued together into pellets.

Editors note: Kentucky produces the largest amount of timber products east of the Mississippi.

Photo is credit to Kentucky Division of Energy.

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