Pellet Stove Manufacturers

Finding your pellet stove manufacturer

There are many pellet stove manufacturers who are world famous. But different companies specialize in different models of stoves, both traditional as well as modern. Among them there are a few who are considered to be the best pellet stove manufacturers.

There is quite a few well known manufacturers who produce a range of good and best pellet stoves. Some companies focus in making conventional wood pellet stoves. Some of the main wood pellet stove manufacturers are Country Flame, Krog Iversen and Morso.

Country Flame

Country Flame the wood pellet stove manufacturers have been in business since 1978. When people suffered very badly because of the recession then this company made economical alternatives for heating to be used by the people. Thus this company won the celebrated Vesta award in the year 2002.

Morso - wood pellet stove manufacturers

Morso also are one of the main wood pellet stove manufacturers doing business from the year 1853. They made stoves with the help of cast iron. This tradition of the manufactures of making stoves with cast iron still continues.

At the same time these pellet stove manufacturers are actually innovators. They come out with new designs of pellet stoves continously to attract people. They follow the traditional and link it to modern designing and this is what makes their stoves a bit different than others. They use the most advanced features in their products to give you the maximum warmth.

Krog Iversen

Krog Iversen is also a pellet stove manufacturer of world class. They produce conventional stoves with efficient heating systems. They are exporters of their products all over the world.