Whitfield Pellet Stoves

About Whitfield Pellet Stoves and what they can do for you

In 1984 a Whitfield pellet stove became the first of its kind for residential use. Since then stoves that are fueled with pellets have become immensly popular and are nowadays found in many homes around the country.

The company

Whitfield was previously its own company but is now a part of the larger Lennox Hearth Products group and the current selection offers two models, namely Cascade and Profile. The company is headquartered in Orange County, California and its products are offered nationwide both online and offline.

Two models of Whitfield pellet stoves

Cascade boasts a system that keeps the glass clean for unobstructed viewing of your fireplace and a system that blows the warm air out into your room. It also has a somewhat higher burn efficiency than the other model. It also has the option of a beautiful gold door. This burner covers about 500 - 1500 square feet.

Profile on the other hand comes with a wide glass for a panoramic bay-view of the fire inside and with gold details. It also comes with a wall mounted termostat that automatically keeps the temperature generated by this appliance at your preference. This burner covers about 800 - 1900 square feet.

The secondary market

There is a good supply of what seems to be good quality Whitfield Pellet Stoves at different sites online if you wish to purchase a used one instead of a new.